Echoes of Heaven

A New Career (Officially) Begins

Octavius 16, 1815 (Lightday)

After filling out the paperwork to officially become contract investigators for Felric’s Redoubt, the group decided to split up to look over the grain supply levels. Thurg and Freyja went to the Merchant’s South Gate and helped the local guardsmen check in the arriving shipment for the day, carefully marking each bag so they could watch for it later.

Meanwhile, Cyrmwd, Bronn and Cotton made their way to the South Gate Warehouse. Presenting their new credentials, they were escorted back and left alone to examine the remaining 129 bags. While things went slowly (not knowing what they were looking for), it did allow Cyrmwd to place an invisible arcane mark on each bag. As they began to restack the bags though, Bronn suddenly noticed that a few of the bags had 6 inch slits along the top, near the seam, which had been carefully re-sewn. Once they noticed this, they separated the seven altered bags and realized that they were also each about 5-10% lighter than the standard 50 lbs. bags. While several theories presented themselves, they agreed they should talk it over with the other two and departed the warehouse to meet for lunch.

While all agreeing there was something afoot, the group was unsure where to go next. As the shipments coming in through the South Gate would be moved into the warehouse until distribution the next day, they felt they had done as much as they could on this investigation. However, Cotton was still bothered by the attack the previous night and suggested they should focus on that for the remainder of the day. Agreeing that it would be good to go to the address well before the time designated to Derral, they set off for the slums.

By 3:00 in the afternoon, they found themselves standing on a corner not far from the address in question. A two story house directly connected to its neighbor, the building seemed to be old and a bit run down, even in comparison with its surroundings. In addition to the shutters being closed, a closer inspection revealed that the windows had been smeared black with soot. A small alley ran behind the house offering a back entrance and one additional window – also covered. Cyrmwd took a look into the alley but after an uncomfortable encounter with the bum living there realized that he would get no additional insight from there.

Cotton attempted to approach the house under the cover of a salesman, but while the door was answered, he was quickly rebuffed. Reporting back, he revealed that the man who answered was of average height with heavily tanned skin. While the man seemed muscular, it was hard to tell for sure in the brief glance. Cotton was unable to get close enough to look inside.

Deciding the best plan would simply be to watch and wait, the group adjourned to Jurran’s Lair, a tavern just a few buildings down with a clear view of the house.



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