Echoes of Heaven

A New Chapter

Octavius 15, 1815 (Airday)

To celebrate the service of those about to step down for the City Guard, Captain Feri Ori regularly holds a mid-month feast. Families of those retiring as well as any Guardsman not on duty look forward to these events eagerly as it is a night of good food, good drink and (usually) good company. The celebration held in Octavius, 1815 AI did not disappoint.

A larger crew than normal ended their two year service this month and the majority of them decided, for one reason or another, not to opt in for another term. Five of these, the dwarves Thurg Ironblood and Freyja Sapphire, the gnomish toymaker Cyrmwd, Father Bronn, and “Cotton” decided months earlier to take advantage of the preferential treatment the city offered former Guardsmen and form a freelance investigations partnership. This decision paid off even before they were officially retired.

Toward the end of the evening, Sgt. Ramal, Quartermaster for the City Guard, approached them to learn of their plans. Upon confirming his suspicions that they were willing to do private work on behalf of the city, he offered them a job.

For almost two months, the Quartermaster had noticed a disturbing trend as his team performed inventories – each week, he discovered he had more bags of grain than he had originally signed for. While this seemed to be more of a boon than bane, he explained it concerned him for two reasons. First, as any good Quartermaster, a precise inventory count was vital. Too little of any resource carried obvious concern, but too much could mean that the inventory was not being distributed the way it should and some were unfairly doing with less. The second concern, perhaps more troubling, was that if the inventory was being manipulated up, then it could just as easily be manipulated down. Accepting the job of investigating the discrepancy, the group agreed to return the following morning to fill out the necessary paperwork and to begin their examinations.

Feeling proud of themselves for having already secured income for their new venture, the group raised one last toast to each other before heading back to their flops at the Palatial Palace. About halfway home, their journey was interrupted by a pitched scream for help. With Cotton and Cyrmwd leading the way, the group ducked down an alley to see two men threatening a pregnant woman. Thurg challenged them and after being told to “mind his own business” the group decided that it was their business and intervened. In short order, the two thugs (who the former Guardsmen recognized as Ortry Gannon and Derral Fank, two members of a local street gang) were subdued.

Thurg recognized the woman as Phon Quartermain, a seamstress currently doing some freelance work of sewing seat cushions for him. After brief questioning of both her (confirming she had no idea why she was attacked) and the thugs (who revealed that they had been simply hired by a man named Vagger to kidnap her and take her to a specific address in the slums the following night), the group split up. Cyrmwd and Bronn escorted Phon to her home while Thurg, Freyja, and Cotton dragged the thugs to the local City Watch post. The next morning at breakfast, the group decided that after spending the day working for Sgt. Ramal, they would go to the address provided by Derral to determine who wanted Phon attacked.



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