Bishop Ardwin Belfric


Father Ardwin (the title he prefers over Bishop Belfric, or worse, Your Excellency) is an older High Man, in his late 60’s. He is kind as often as he can and focuses more than most on his flock. He hates to preach and now that he’s of high enough rank, he prefers to let others take that task.


In most nations, the Lord High Priest is the king’s spiritual and religious adviser and is appointed by the king himself. While the Lord High Priest fills the same roll in Felric’s Redoubt, setting policy for the city and its surrounding area isn’t considered as big a job as for an entire kingdom (though in all honesty, it probably is). The Lord High Priest in Felric’s Redoubt is the Bishop Belfric. He maintains a good relationship with the Lord Mayor and with most of the Council.

Bishop Ardwin Belfric

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