Durgan Brightbeard


Shorter than normal, even for a dwarf, Durgan stands just 3’11" tall. However, due to an addiction to buttery sweets, he is nearly as wide weighing in just under 300 lbs. Durgan is quick with a laugh and seems to enjoy life, making the best of any situation.


Durgan Brightbeard is an artist of worldwide renown. He is considered by many to be the greatest wood sculptor alive today – regardless of race – shaming even the elven masters. Durgan moved to Felric’s Redoubt 30 years ago from his homeland of the Elven-Dwarven Alliance. His contacts within the elven community are impressive and he’s normally able to get his hands on rare woods for his most special projects. However, his preferred medium is oak.

Durgan Brightbeard

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