Helcwold Holcwining

First Councilor Holcwining is an aging man with balding hair and a paunch


Helcwold has dedicated his entire life to increasing his own power. After becoming a master bleacher, he quickly drove himself to greater achievements in the Bleacher’s Guild until eventually he sat on the guild council and later became the guildmaster. The urgings of his wife helped things along. Helcwold’s wife could charm any member of the guild at a party. In private she spurred her husband to succeed. She possesses a voice that can screech the color out of wool and is infamous for delivering tongue lashings to subordinates who do not respond as quickly as she might like.

Since then Helcwold has gained political clout. Now he runs the High Council as First Councilor and is second only to the Lord Mayor. In fact, he’s the most powerful man in the city because he handles much more of the day-to-day details of government than the Lord Mayor himself.

Helcwold has changed since he reached his power. He has become jaded and childlike at the same time. He’ll often laugh in the face of the most persuasive arguments. In fact, many on the High Council wish to have him removed in favor of a more sober guildmaster.
But he’s just too effective.

Since Helcwold seemingly stopped caring about appearance and power, his policies have become shrewder, his movements bolder. He seems to have no care whether his actions will damage his position. Many think he’s trying to get voted back into a subordinate position, but he doesn’t do anything self-destructive. His actions are based on whim but his whims obviously are motivated by a desire to do right for the city. He doesn’t care if half the guilds in Felric’s Redoubt stand against his decision. He goes forward, laughing and pushing away all opposition. His disarming tactics work. More often than not, the opposing guilds end up more prosperous in the end, so while the High Council finds him infuriating, they do nothing to stop him.

His wife, on the other hand, seems ready to have a stroke. Still, she works furiously and her constant behind-the-scenes actions no doubt contribute to her husband’s continuing power.

No one knows what has caused his sudden change. The most popular theory is that he is having a mid-life crises


Helcwold Holcwining

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