Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding


The current ruler of Felric’s Redoubt is the Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding. Eadic is a bald, powerful looking man. His every gesture draws the eyes of those around him. Men respect him. Women worship him. He’s a confirmed bachelor and with all his options, it’s no wonder. Most people feel he’s too honorable to cheat on a wife and the unmarried women of the city nearly throw themselves at his feet (as do the married ones, but he’s too honorable for that as well).

For all that Eadic keeps a cool head. He cultivates his relationships tenderly and maintains his power with an easy hand. He has connections on every level of the city and many people suspect that he maintains more spies than his Lord High Inquisitor. The only thing he has in greater numbers than women and spies are favors. Eadic makes certain to perform favors for everyone he can, at every level of society. He could probably raise a small army of street urchins at a moments notice.


Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding

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