Théorn Golfreding

Chairman of the City Council, Golfreding is a middle-sized, neutral-complexioned, average looking fellow. He speaks quietly and rarely loses his temper.


On a whim a few years ago, Golfreding ran for Council to get a more inside view of the workings of the government. Once he got there, he tried to keep his head low and stay out of prominence, but this came back on him terribly.

There is something about his quiet charisma that inspires, and soon various factions on the City Council struggled to bring him into their confidence. Before he knew it he was the most powerful man there. Not long after that, they elected him Chairman.

Now the Chairman would like nothing more than retire back to the quiet life he had before entering politics. However, he knows that the city’s stability is vital and fears that if he leaves his replacement will not be so even-tempered. He would love more than anything to find a suitable replacement he can groom.


Théorn Golfreding

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