Thurg Ironblood


Thurg Ironblood is a stoic, red-headed dwarf that arrived in Felric’s Redoubt about 4 years ago. Not much is known of him other than as soon as he arrived he joined the City Guard, serving loyally since. During his two terms of service, he has collected several minor commendations for his work. In this time, he has also come to become very protective of one of his companions, a dwarven woman named Freyja. While most observers would claim that he’s become smitten with her, she rejects any advances he might make. Still, there are those who continue to hope that the two find love. Not least of these romantics is “Cotton” Jenkins, a fellow guardsman who has become Thurg’s closest human friend.

In addition to being his friend, Cotton is also Thurg’s business partner. Thurg is a stone mason by trade (saying only that he trained under his uncles) and when he is off duty he likes to hone his skills. His most noted effort was the creation of the “Poop Shoot” – a carved stone chair with a hole/funnel cut from the center of the seat to the back. The chair has a slot made to contain a chamber pot (or directly over a hole). Thurg and Cotton sell them through town to make additional money when they can.

For many dwarves, drinking in not only a rite of passage but a way of life. And like most dwarves Thurg can consume prodigious amounts of human alcohol. Unfortunately, Thurg’s dwarven constitution does not seem to help to curb his temper when he drinks too much Darlan Gok – the famed “Dwarven Ale”. This came to the forefront about six months ago when Thurg decided on a night out without any of his normal companions. Heading for Dwarvenhearth, one of the few dwarven taverns in the city, Thurg started out with a mug of Darlan Gok. Three mugs in, he could no longer stand the behavior of the handful of human “guests” who were in attendance that night.

Five dandies had chosen that night to go slumming from their homes in the Nobles Quarter. Having already had too much to drink before even entering Dwarvenhearth, they decided that they wanted to try the famous ale. When the owners refused to serve them this near-deadly alcohol, the noblemen began verbally abusing them. Before the bouncer could even react to the situation, Thurg had decided to teach “those young punks” a lesson. But while the men might have been young and were certainly punks, they had received the best training money could buy. Had the bouncer – Ketri “Tough Fist” Gorrinson not also been there to help, the night would have ended poorly. Instead, the five humans, led by Victor Sadar, were forcibly removed from the bar with minimal damage. Although both dwarves agreed that the other was instrumental in their success that night, they each swore to the other that “I owe you one.”

The owners of the Dwarvenhearth, Zaram and Sigan Schist, were so grateful that they still honor the duo with a round of drinks whenever they come back around. Durgan Brightbeard, considered by many to be one of the greatest dwarven sculptors alive today, was in the bar that evening and commemorated the event with a relief sculpture carved in oak which now hangs behind Dwarvenhearth’s bar. If anything, humans are even less welcome in the tavern now and only those in the company of a dwarf can expect much service.

Unfortunately, the event contributed to Thurg’s early departure from the City Guard as Sadar put political pressures on for his removal as retribution. After agreeing to leave at the end of his term (a blow softened when Freyja independently also decided she was done), the pressure lightened and things went back to normal.

At the end of his second term with the City Guard, per the agreement with Sadar and his friends, Thurg has departed from service. Instead, his plan is to join with Cotton, Freyja along with other friends – the human Father Bronn and the gnome Cyrmwd – to form a freelance investigations partnership taking on odd jobs for the City Guard as well as those throughout the city who are in need.

Thurg Ironblood

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