Assassins Guild

Those in the know consider the Assassins’ Guild the biggest threat to Felric’s Redoubt. This isn’t because of their innate effectiveness, but because the Assassins’ Guild is the best known of all.

This is ironic, because there is no evidence that the Assassins’ Guild exists, much less that it has a base in Felric’s Redoubt. There are only rumors and legend and urban myth to prove their existence.

But there’s no doubt that assassins operate inside Felric’s Redoubt. With the number of assassinations that occur over the course of a normal year, there must be at least a few, probably acting in collusion.

The number of murders in Felric’s Redoubt is too high for comfort as it is. The type of premeditation and planning required to perform an assassination, the cold-blooded evil of it, has to add another level of threat. The murders keep the land drenched in blood. The assassinations give it a weight of evil to drive it deep.

Assassins Guild

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