Faith Magic

Unlike divine magic, which is confined to certain character classes, faith magic is available to anyone. While it’s not a clearly definable concept, there are certain things which remain consistent.

Faith magic is just that – the magic provided through a person’s faith. When “miracles” happen – it’s a direct result of faith magic. In simplest terms, faith magic is the result of the intervention of God (either directly or through one of his angels or saints) in the mortal realm.

While it’s not limited to a specific type of creature or even scenario, it is known that the Nopheratus (undead) and evil outsiders (demons and devils) are the most susceptible. While only clerics (and similar) have the ability to harm undead through the channeling of energy, anyone with enough faith can force back a vampire.

In game terms, there are no direct rules around faith magic – it simply happens at the GM’s discretion. The exception to this is warding off undead or evil outsiders. Anyone believing in the One True Faith may attempt to ward off one of these creatures. This is a contested willpower attempt: N/PC Hit Dice + Willpower saving throw + d20 dice roll vs. the creature’s Hit Dice + Willpower + d20 dice roll. If the N/PC result is equal or higher, the creature is kept back by the sheer force of the character’s faith. Note: this ability will only work on one creature at a time and requires full concentration. If the character attempts to do anything beyond movement, or if they turn away from the creature, the ward is broken. This ability does not keep the creature from attacking others, although the warding character may attempt to stay between the creature and another target.

Faith Magic

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