Felric's Redoubt - City Overview

Felric’s Redoubt is a tightly packed monster of humanity with twisting streets and crowded homes. Many people rent a single room the size of a noble’s wardrobe and cram it full of people. The city teems with people, insects, dogs, cats, and vermin. Only the cats eat well. Still, this city is considered one of the grandest in the world.

None of the streets in Felric’s Redoubt are named. There are no addresses either, although many manors and guildhalls are named. If you’re a stranger to the city, get a guide.

In the northwest of the city sits the Noble Quarter. Here the nobles of the city live. This section also contains the Mayoral Palace and High Council chamber (on the same grounds).

East of that is the Sea Quarter. Here are the wharfs, the warehouses, and many of the richest homes in the city.

West of the Sea Quarter and south of the Noble Quarter lies the Guild quarter. While there are shops and guild headquarters everywhere in the city, this part of town has more middle class homes than any other.

In the south center of the city lies the slums, the homes of all the poorest and most needy citizens. It’s a miracle most of the buildings here still stand, and those that do lean on their neighbors.

The southeastern section of Felric’s Redoubt is the New Quarter. It has a pleasant mix of classes and the homes here are the newest in town, as the name suggests.

Outside the walls to the south is the extension of the Slums known as Shacktown. While this section of town isn’t protected by the walls, it has more room and is therefore a better quality of life . . . when the Warlord is safely in Uzarâg.

The final section of Felric’s Redoubt is the Undercity. The network of sewers under Felric’s Redoubt is palatial, and it’s not surprising that a major element of the city’s crime bases itself below the streets.

Felric's Redoubt - City Overview

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