Felric's Redoubt - Government

Government Type: Oligarchy.

The Council
Membership on the Felric’s Redoubt Council is automatic for guildmasters of major guilds and nobles of major houses, but the Council has the right to invite new members. Thus, others can buy their way in with a large bribe. The populace fills ten reserved spots with a general election.

The Council handles most of the wide, sweeping policy for the city, but for more important and time-sensitive tasks there’s the High Council. The High Council consists of ten members and the Mayor. The lower Council elects the High Council and they elect the Mayor. One member of the High Council has to be from the general election, but much of the infighting in the Council comes from the swing of High Council seats between lords and the guildmasters.

Essentially, the Council acts as a legislative power and the High Council acts as the ruling body. The Council is ruled by its elected chairman, Théorn Golfreding. The High Council is ruled by the First Councilor, Helcwold Holcwining. The First Councilor handles the practical administration and steps in for the Lord Mayor should the Mayor be indisposed (such as when ill). The Lord Mayor technically leaves the High Council when he takes his office, so during the election process there are usually eleven members sitting on the High Council.

The Lord Mayor rules until ousted by a vote of no confidence.

City Officers

The Lord Mayor Eadic Illéoding

The Lord High Priest Ardwin Belfric

The Lord High Inquisitor Hodwig Hedranding

The Lord High Marshal Naledûn Bloodstone

Felric's Redoubt - Government

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