Felric's Redoubt - Guild Quarter

The second nicest quarter in town, the Guild Quarter houses the cream of the middle class. One can find the best shops, the finest craftsmen, and many of the guild houses here. While this is still an urban location, with all the horrible crowding that entails, there is more room in the Guild Quarter than any other place in the city. Beggars are less common in this section of the city than one might think because the city watch actively kicks them out into the Slums. Not surprisingly, this only reduces the problem. It doesn’t remove it.

Some of the locations of note are as follows:

Found near the quarter’s southern gate, the Guardhouse serves as the administrative headquarters for the city watch where the permanent officers of the guard handle the organization and scheduling for the guild watches. This is a large, stone building, fortress-like in many ways. There is a small barracks here for unmarried guards down on their luck, but any guard who stays here long is politely reminded the guards must find their own housing. More often the guards here are too drunk to find their way home. There are many taverns within an easy walk of the Guardhouse, but most guards live in other quarters.

The Wilted Rose is a bar found in the northern part of the quarter, near the gate. Stocked more like a wine shop than a tavern, there’s a good reason for this as the Wilted Rose is the place to slum if you are a young noble looking to sow your seeds. The place is filled with willing women, noble-worshiping middle class, and predatory criminal elements. The entire place is heavily controlled by the management, cultivated so while it seems incredibly dangerous, it’s safe for the noble brats who come here. All known health risks and dangerous criminals are quietly removed, leaving the illusion of daring with little real danger. A man might lose his purse here, might be lightly scammed, or might have a tryst with a “socially undesirable” woman, but nothing life-threatening or financially devastating will happen. Many nobles hope their children will end up here because it’s a good place to lose their naivete without signing away their inheritance.

The Silver Heart is a house on the west side of the quarter, also a hot spot among nobles. Here a man with a little disposable income can buy a drink and maybe a little companionship for the evening. The place is clean and safe, and if it’s the most expensive such location in the city, it’s also the most honest.

In the eastern section of this quarter is the most notorious haunted house in Felric’s Redoubt. Known as the Dark House, stories abound of noises, screams, and strange lights from inside at all hours of the night. No one owns the house and children and young lovers go inside all the time on a dare. Once every year or so pressure from the citizens coaxes the Knights Lonnuso to investigate the house to make certain it isn’t an Ulcer. So far, they’ve declared it clean on every occasion, insisting the people who hear and see things are letting their imaginations get carried away.

Leondic University is found near the center of this

Felric's Redoubt - Guild Quarter

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