Felric's Redoubt - Noble Quarter

The most prestigious of quarters, here live most of the nobility of Felric’s Redoubt. This is also the most luxurious of all quarters, where every road is paved and well maintained. Most of the quarter is composed of blocks where manor houses circle an interior parkland shared by all the surrounding households.

Some of the locations of note are as follows:

The southeast of the quarter is all a part of the Mayoral Palace and its administrative buildings. This section is mostly paved. The Lord Mayor lives here and the city bureaucracy centers in these offices.

Known simply as the Wineshop, the richest wine seller in the city runs out of the northwest of the quarter. Run by Esdéor Corning, this shop is the hotbed of many of the politics that engulf the nobility. However, the conversations that take place around the tables and porches of this building are deceptively low key. When nobles and councilmen can’t work out their differences in chambers or at feasts, they come here to make backdoor deals over a glass of fine wine. Many think Esdéor could raise enough money to buy a peerage in one month of blackmail.

The gates in an out of this section of the city have a stronger guard than most. While the guards allow anyone who looks like they belong in and out, anyone dressed in lower class clothing will meet intense interrogation.

Many of the politics of the nobility work themselves out at the noble’s parties and feasts. Lately, a stranger has appeared at these celebrations. He lurks in the back, rarely speaking with anyone. When someone tries to find out who he is, he always disappears. Many stories have arisen about his identity, many of them romantic.

Felric's Redoubt - Noble Quarter

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