Felric's Redoubt - Shacktown

The name of Shacktown is actually something of a misnomer. While Shacktown began as a series of temporary structures, it has since evolved into a permanent set of homes. The buildings here are solid and well constructed, and while this area would still be considered a slum by the middle and upper classes of the city, the homes here are roomier than those in the Slums. Sometimes they are bigger than middle class homes, if much lower quality.

The biggest sacrifice to living in Shacktown is the fact the sewers don’t extend outside the city walls. There is a small but fervent movement to have both the walls and the sewers extended to include this quarter.

Some of the locations of note are as follows:

Located in the southeast of Shacktown, the Pit is the dirtiest, most dangerous tavern in the quarter.Some people think that it is the most dangerous location in the entire city. Criminal elements control the tavern and not a week goes by without a body turning up inside. The watch thinks the death rate is more like one a night, but that most of the killers manage to get the body off-site before anyone knows better.

The residents have built a large community hall in the center of the quarter. This is an open, airy place usually filled with the elderly and children. All of the major community problems come to this hall and the citizens hold a meeting here at least once a month. Many of the City Council look at the community hall with something of a wary eye, feeling that they are trying to govern outside the bounds of the government. However, citizens of Shacktown insist they are not adequately represented and they only handle problems that are beneath the attention of the city government.

On the west side of the quarter resides Father Heldic. Heldic has located himself here in Shacktown in an attempt to minister to the poor and the sick. He owns a large home and inside it, many homeless people sleep every night. Unfortunately, Heldic has no spellcasting ability, and so all his good works are achieved through the sweat of his brow. Still, he accomplishes a great deal.

In the northern part of the quarter sits Father Ceodwald’s Orphanage. This large home is the only home for orphans in the city, the only home for many, many miles. This is a huge, barnlike building, funded by an unknown philanthropist somewhere in the city.

While this isn’t a specific location, throughout this quarter, churches rent their pews at night to the homeless. While this is true throughout the city, in the Slums and Shacktown it’s prevalent. Here, people “donate” a copper piece for the privilege of sleeping upright on a pew. Ropes down the line strap people into place, so they can’t fall out during the night and shoulder.

Felric's Redoubt - Shacktown

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