Felric's Redoubt - The Sea Quarter

Located in the northeast of the city, the Sea Quarter is in many ways the center of commerce for Felric’s Redoubt. Most of the trade comes in and out of this quarter, because while many caravans leave through the gates, the real money is in long-distance sea commerce.

While the buildings here are not as nice as in other quarters, the exceptions are the homes of nobles found along the docks. While Felric’s Redoubt isn’t as hot as some of the southern nations, it can still hit seemingly boiling temperatures during the summer. For this reason, many nobles keep homes on the docks, where the sea breeze can cool things off if the heat becomes unbearable during the hottest days of the year.

Some of the locations of note are as follows:

The highest profile member of the nobility in permanent residence is Baron Peadwulf Thering, the boy Baron. Peadwulf is ten years old, and while he has rich estates both in the Noble Quarter and on the surrounding lands, he insists on living in the Sea Quarter in a house on the center of the coast. He spends most of his days tutoring in a room with large windows where he can look out on the harbors and watch the ships. While his people groom him to more fully take over the affairs of his house, he secretly plans to sign on to one of the military ships. When he’s ready, he will disappear completely.

In the northeast of the quarter, on the shore is the greatest of the Felrican shipwrights Siegfried Lorfing. Siegfried is a grizzled and angry old man, nearly blind and toothless. Most people think he’s insane at first glance, but he can keep the most complicated ship plans in his head at anytime and his apprentices insist that he can tell the quality of their workmanship with the lightest stroking touch of his hand.

Felric's Redoubt - The Sea Quarter

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