Felric's Redoubt - The Slums

The Slums are the most dangerous and crime-ridden streets of Felric’s Redoubt and only the toughest criminals and the fastest urchins can survive in the worst sections. Here the poor fight to survive against starvation and the elements, and beggars wither and die on the streets.

Some of the locations of note are as follows:

The most notorious bar in the Slums is the Bucket of Blood. Found in the Avenues. There are two sections to the Bucket of Blood. The forward section of the bar is the public front, where fights and murders occur on a nightly basis. It is rumored that the Thieves’ Guild operates out of the back section – closed to the public. The Bucket of Blood isn’t just a rough place. It’s lawless. The watch won’t even approach the Bucket of Blood, though some of the more brutal guards frequent it.

Found near the southern gate, the Eating House is the nickname of a feasting hall in the Slums. Here the poor can often find a free plate, funded by Lady Eleanor Nagel (cousin of Lady Fransin Nagel) of the Sea Quarter.

Located in the northwest corner of the Slums, the Avenues are the desiccated remains of a once nice neighborhood. Now they lay on the edge of ruin, the worst of the worst. Here rents are lower, buildings more dangerous, and crime more rampant. No one enters the Avenues unless they have to, and those who aren’t protected by criminals often end up dead. Here, even little old ladies cozy up to the block’s gang lord.

In the center of the slums is an unassuming business. Called the Charnel House, it’s a clearinghouse for butchers in the region. A vast amount of meat is killed and processed here every day.

Near the southern gate of the quarter squats the Guardhouse, a decrepit structure with a small barracks and commonroom, as well as the offices necessary to run the guard. The barracks are usually mostly empty as the guard don’t get room and board with their employment, but the offices bustle.

Felric's Redoubt - The Slums

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