Knights Ephestus

The Knights Ephestus are not knights in the traditional sense. Their Order is dedicated to the healing of the sick, especially the poor. The Knights Ephestus have set monasteries around the world, but many of the Order also wander from place to place, healing the sick.

Saint Ephestus was a pagan. He was a simple guard in the dungeons of Emperor Octarus. When the Herald was captured and brought to Emperor Octarus for his martyrdom, he was placed in Ephestus’ care. Ephestus spent many hours talking with the Savior though the bars of his cell, and in the end, his heart turned and he saw the light.

He understood the Herald needed to be martyred publicly for his message to be spread, but when it was time to take the man to his execution, the Herald was too weak to move.
The captain of the guard ordered him slain in his cell, but Ephestus rushed to his side. Laying hands on the man, he begged God to give his Herald the strength to stand. A great light shone forth from his hands, and the Herald rose strong to face his execution.

It is unknown how he escaped, but after the fall of Octarus, Ephestus went out into the world, and found his healing powers never left him. He preached the words of the Herald, and through his teachings, the Scriptures know of the Herald’s final days.

Ephestus taught love and compassion. He taught that everyone should help their fellow man and that a life dedicated to service is a life well spent. He was a military man, and so he did not teach pacifism, but he does teach that violence should only be used for defense, and always at a bare minimum.

The Knights Ephestus headquarters in Nolinos.

Clerics of the Order of Saint Ephestus focus on the spiritual doctrines (domains) of Healing and Protection.

Knights Ephestus

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