Knights Lonnuso (Witch-Hunters)

The Knights Lonnuso is the most feared and hated Order of the Church. Carrying the authority of the Faerarch, they scour the world looking for heretics to slaughter or put to the fire. Technically, they are in charge of hunting down Undead, Demons, Witches, and Wizards, but in practice the Witch-Hunters police doctrine.

When alive, Saint Lonnuso was the head of a small monastery dedicated to the preservation and copying of books. One day, his monastery was attacked by a group of drunken bandits. Despite the formidable clerical powers of one or two members of the group, the bandits managed to take Lonnuso. They burned him alive using the books he cherished as fuel.

During the drunken pillage that followed three of the bandits tried to enter Lonnuso’s private library. They instantly burst into flames. As they died agonizing deaths, they called out the names of their friends. As each man’s name was called, he too burst into flames. Soon, the monastery was saved. Not a single extra book had been burned.

The Knights Lonnuso headquarters in Marnele.

Clerics of the sect of Saint Lonnuso dedicate themselves to the dogmatic traditions (Domains) of Knowledge and Sun.

Knights Lonnuso (Witch-Hunters)

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