Knights Paeso

The Knights Paeso is a military Order that travels the world ridding civilization of evil beasts. They are a questing Order with much liberty in their movements and actions.

Saint Paeso was a simple farmer. He had no real combat training, yet when his village stood in the way of a horde of Beastmen, Paeso challenged the Pack Leader to single combat. The battle was one-sided. The Pack Leader sliced him to pieces, but slowly, toying with him for almost an hour.

Paeso never bowed, never gave any hint of the agony he experienced. He simply kept trying, kept fighting. When the fight was done, Paeso died of his many wounds. The Pack Leader was so moved by Paeso’s courage that he spared the village the sacking experienced by others in his path. Since Beastmen know little or no compassion, this is considered his first miracle.

The Knights Paeso headquarters in Doszke.

Clerics of the Order of Saint Paeso follow the religious doctrines (Domains) of Glory and Resolve (sub domain of Strength).

Knights Paeso

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