Ladies of Alaria

The Ladies of Alaria is an Order dedicated to healing, but more importantly they are devoted to easing the last moments of those who cannot be healed. They are an earnest Order, filled with boundless love and charity. They are willing to do one of the most unpleasant jobs in the world.

Saint Alaria was a simple healer. She took great interest in the plagues that destroyed the people of the world, especially those that defied clerical healing. She dedicated many years to trying to find a cure for the incurable.

One day, she received a vision from God. In this vision she came to understand there would never be a cure for these afflictions, that some afflictions man was meant to endure, not overcome.

She then built a monastery in the Dragon Peaks. She cast her helpers and her acolytes across the world, collecting every soul she could find who was afflicted by an incurable disease. Before long, the dragons themselves helped, bringing all the suffering of the world to her doorstep.

She cared for them through their dying days, easing what suffering she could. In the end, despite her magic, she succumbed to the Gray Death and suffered a long, agonizing end. She was surrounded by her acolytes throughout her final days and died among friends.
Saint Alaria is now the Guardian of Souls. She guides the dead to their proper place and eases the terror of transition. She also defends the gates of Heaven, with the aid of Saint K├╗lan.

The Order of Alaria is headquarters in Gelaert.

Clerics of the Order of Saint Alaria follow the religious doctrines (Domains) of Healing and Repose.

Ladies of Alaria

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