Languages of Belkanath

Notes on Common:

There is no common tongue in Belkanâth, merely a common alphabet (and even that isn’t universal). If a character wishes to speak to everyone, a good start would be to learn the Divine Tongue and Maroldo. The Divine Tongue is the language of the various churches and the language in which all academic works are written. Maroldo is the accepted trade language, and most merchants can speak it.

Language in Felric’s Redoubt

The most common language spoken in Felric’s Redoubt is Ludremonian, due to its wide use throughout the region. Ludremonian is a young, quickly-mutating language that has borrowed from just about every tongue in its region. It has poor language rules with many exceptions and this makes it difficult for foreigners to learn.

The second most common language is Maroldo. It is a direct descendent of Imperial, and speakers can usually work out the gist of spoken or written Imperial. Because of this nation’s vast trade, most merchants speak Maroldo, and so this is a perfect language to speak with foreigners and traders.

The next most spoken language is Ældic, because of its supposed ties back to Almia. This is considered the language of their heritage, so most children learn at least some words and phrases. It’s an old tongue. It has influenced many of the Runic languages.

The next most common language is the Divine Tongue. The language of God, this is the original tongue, the language spoken by all residents of Heaven. It is close to Elvish, Dwarvish, and Atavistic, all of which have drifted only a short way from this primal language. This is the language of magic. It’s the language used in all Church services (except for the portions done in the vernacular) and it’s also the language of academia. All learned men speak the Divine Tongue.

After that Mab. This lilting language is spoken with a strong burr. It has splintered off of Ciallic. Basic thoughts can be conveyed to speakers of Keireenish and Ciallic.

Dwarven is next. One of the oldest languages on Meridrin, it is a complex tongue has been rigidly preserved, and has changed little through time.

The large number of Elves in the city speak Elvish. Another ancient tongue, this is a melodious language. It has remained more or less unchanged for millennia.
Halflings speak their own tongue. They allow their language, the one thing they’ve always had to themselves, little change.

Finally, Gnomish. It has a written form, borrowed from the Dwarves.

Most people in Felric’s Redoubt speak only Ludremonian, with a sprinkling of the Divine Tongue (from prayers, mostly), and Ældic. When someone learns a second language fluently, it’s usually Maroldo.


Languages of Belkanath

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