Leondic University

Most of the Academicsand Sages in Felric’s Redoubt have some association with the major institute of learning, Leondic University.

Leondic University is a purely academic college, but they excel at what they do. The university is one large building in the Guild Quarter and it’s crammed with students and teachers during all daylight hours.

The university is ancient, has many sub-basements which predate the current city and university alike. These basements were used for magical study back when the imperial legions still controlled the area. At the time there was a large mansion here, away from the fortress, controlled by a magician and sage of some power. He used the basements to train Elven and Human apprentices and when the city grew to expand around it, long after the mage was dead, the mansion and its libraries were claimed and made into an academy. By this time, magic was banned, but most of the people in the region had no particular
bias against it, so they sealed up the basements and continued with their business.

Over the years several students have broken into the sealed areas and all have come out dreamily, in a state of bliss. They have no memory of what happened to them while they were there.

Sounds and lights are sometimes seen glimmering and seeping through the cracks in the stone from the foundations. Some people think there are summoned creatures trapped below. Others think the place is haunted by the mage and all his apprentices, trapped here because their heresies have kept them from Heaven (and yet they didn’t know they sinned in life, saving them from Hell). The Watch is more practical. They believe there is a criminal element, maybe the Thieves’ Guild, who have found a safe passage into the sealed areas and rely on rumors and legends of the basement to save them from investigation.

Leondic University

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