Magic Item Creation

For a variety of reasons, Meridrin is a low magic world. As such, magic items are considerably rarer than they might be in other settings. Magic items are created in one of two ways: Legendary Magic or Forged Magic.

Legendary Magic

These items of power are created by an infusion of God’s miracles. These items have no rules regarding their creation and the effect cannot be mimicked or recreated by mortals. The powers within can be minor boons or major artifacts.

Sample Legendary Magic Items:
Life Saver also called Flynn’s Flask This small silver flask does not give the appearance of anything special. However, it has saved the life of its first owner at least once. During a fight with a villainous opponent, Roary Flynn was shot with what appeared to be a deadly blow. However, by the will of God, the musket ball instead hit this flask. It is said by those who studied this miracle that the artifact was blessed and continues to save lives today.
Benefits: The owner of this flask can choose to negate a critical hit against him one time per day. Normal damage is still dealt.

Insight This longsword was originally owned by Felric Henalding and was wielded by him in his liberation of Kerius (later renamed Felric’s Redoubt). While a great deal of planning was put into the invasion, nothing could account for the chaotic changes of a battlefield. Without God’s Will, the attempt would never have succeeded. Somehow regardless of where he stood within the city, Felric always seemed to know the most current battlefield conditions.
Benefits: While Insight is a powerful weapon at any time, holding the enchantments of both Axiomatic (+2d6 damage vs. Chaotic opponents) and Glamered (can change its shape and appearance to assume the form of another object), it gains its greatest power within Felric’s Redoubt. While within the city, Insight draws upon the collective knowledge of those in the city and imparts it to the wielder. Once per day, the wielder can ask Insight a yes or no question pertaining to the city, a location within the city, or a creature or object in the city and obtain a (correct) answer.

Forged Magic

Mortals of great skill also have the ability to craft items of power. However, this can only be done with the following 3 requirements:

Crafting Skill: This is the raw knowledge of how to forge an item. Each item is unique and will require an appropriate skill level as outlined in the Formula (below). For example, a Ring of Feather Fall would require Craft: Jewelry (5 Ranks) while Boots of Feather Fall would require Craft: Shoes (5 Ranks). Alternately, depending on the individual Formula, different levels of skill might be needed. For example, normally the Ring of Feather Fall would require Craft: Jewelry (5 Ranks), but a crafter might find a Formula which can be made with only 3 Ranks in the craft, but requires one of the material components to be feathers from a roc.

Crafting Feat: This represents the knowhow of infusing an item with magical energy. Since this is only one component of crafting, the prerequisites vary from the standard Crafting Feats of the Core Rulebook.

Feat (Prerequisite)
Brew Potion (Caster Level 1st or Master Craftsman)
Inscribe Rune (Caster Level 1st or Master Craftsman)
Scribe Scroll (Caster Level 1st or Master Craftsman)
Craft Construct (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Craft Magic Arms and Armor (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Craft Rod (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Craft Staff (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Craft Wand (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Craft Wondrous Item (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Forge Ring (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Inscribe Magical Tattoo (Caster Level 3rd or Master Craftsman)
Master Craftsman (5 Ranks in any Craft or Profession Skill)

Crafting Formulae: The creation of a new magical item takes years of study and experimentation. The process is tracked in a journal or notebook until the crafter finally achieves success. Once complete, the crafter can utilize the notes throughout the journal to recreate the process. The end result of this process is the Formula. Anyone attempting to create an item of power is required to have a Crafting Formula – either created through their own studies or obtained from another craftsman. Since each crafters process is unique, it is possible for multiple Formulae to exist for the same magic item. While a crafter is highly unlikely to part with his Formula notebook, they are highly sought after. If one is sold, it normally sells for approximately 10x the cost of the item it would create.

Note: Potions, Runes, and Scrolls do NOT require Formulae. Since these items are single use, they do not need to go through the process to make them permanent. A crafter does still need both the appropriate Craft Skill and Craft Feat.

Weapon and Armor Enchantments

Due to the level of skill and effort to enchant weapons and armor, there is no simple “enhancement” bonus enchantment. This means that you will never discover a simple +2 sword. Instead, each item of power is imbued with magic to grant a greater purpose through the magic. For this reason, using a magic weapon does not provide bonuses to hit (other than the masterwork requirement) or damage. Instead, it has a special effect. Some examples:

Fangtongue is a scimitar enchanted with Keen.
Benefits: This sword is +1 to hit (due to masterwork quality) with no damage bonus. However, it does have a critical threat range of 15-20 rather than the standard 18-20 of a normal (or masterwork) scimitar. When fighting creatures with Damage Reduction, it is considered a +1 magical weapon. (2,000 gp value)

Sting is a short sword enchanted with Agile, Bane vs. Vermin, and the Light Generation attribute.
Benefits: Sting gains a + 1 to hit (due to masterwork quality) using DEX instead of STR to hit. Under normal circumstances, it offers no damage bonus. However, when fighting vermin (spiders, rats, etc.), the blade gains an additional + 2 to hit (for a total of + 3) and an additional 2d6+ 2 to damage. It can also glow on command as if the Light spell had been cast on it. When fighting creatures with Damage Reduction (even non-vermin), it is considered a + 2 magical weapon. (4,000 gp value)

Dodger is a suit of leather armor with the ability to physically pull and push its wearer out of the way of attacks.
Benefits: Dodger is considered to be masterwork leather armor with a +2 dodge bonus to AC against attack rolls as well as +4 dodge bonus to AC against attack rolls from spells and spell like abilities (including touch attacks). (9,000 gp value)

Magic Item Creation

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