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House Rules – Read this first.
Selling Loot

Character Generation
Character Generation Summary
Divine Spark
Alignment (and Detection)
Alignment (or Why I hate Chaotic Neutral)
E6 Capstone Feats
Faith Magic
Magic Item Creation
Languages of Belkanath

History of the Mortal Realm (summary of Ages)
The Sundering
The Time of Legends
The Reawakening
The Age of Chaos
The Golden Age (Almian Protector State)
The Dark Ages
The Age of War and the Kingdom of Sorcery
The Imperial Age
The Fall of the Empire

Church of Angenus
The Church of Eldinar
The Church of Ziruk-Nurak
The Church of Gyllmoulin
The Church of Nikdin
Atavistic Church
Ranks in the Church
The Case Against Magic

Holy Orders (Saints and their teachings)
Culandil Shapers
Ladies of Alaria
Order of Naeponis
Monastic Order of Sepinus
Saint Fedcaun
Saint Nonet

Knightly Orders (Religious)
Knights Ephestus
Knights Equenis
Knights Lonnuso (Witch-Hunters)
Knights Paeso

Knightly Orders (Secular/National)

Felric’s Redoubt
Felric’s Redoubt – Government
Noble Houses
The Law in Felric’s Redoubt
Crime in Felric’s Redoubt
Craft Guilds – About
Craft Guilds – Felric’s Redoubt
Leondic University
Residences in Felric’s Redoubt

Felric’s Redoubt – Gazetteer
Felric’s Redoubt – City Overview
Felric’s Redoubt – Guild Quarter
Felric’s Redoubt – New Quarter
Felric’s Redoubt – Noble Quarter
Felric’s Redoubt – The Sea Quarter
Felric’s Redoubt – Shacktown
Felric’s Redoubt – The Slums
Felric’s Redoubt – The Undercity

Assassins Guild
The Sons of Almia
The Champions of Wisdom
The Confessors
The Corini
The Emgel Brotherhood
The Last Meeting
The Red Watch
The Sowers of Seeds


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