Monastic Order of Sepinus

This monastic Order is dedicated to meditation and silence. Therefore, many people join this Order later in life, when they flee some great tragedy or sin. In this Order, a man has no past.

Sepinus, was a country priest who led a large flock which was taken into slavery by a long-forgotten tyrant. He continued ministering to his flock, long after their enslavement, and when the tyrant demanded that his men perform a ritual sacrifice each day, Sepinus volunteered himself as the first. He was tortured and sacrificed.

The next morning, he rose from the dead. The tyrant, incensed, sacrificed him again. He rose the next day. For 100 days, the tyrant sacrificed Sepinus, furious the man was denying him the satisfaction of killing, yet too proud to move on to another victim.

At the end of one-hundred days, the slaves, moved by the horrible suffering of their priest, rose and destroyed the tyrant and his troops. They then destroyed every record of his name.
Sepinus teaches sacrifice for one’s fellow man. He teaches that one should always suffer one’s self rather than watch a fellow being suffer.

Sepinus taught many things in life, most of which were treatises on how to find a path through the trials of living.

Clerics belonging to the Order of Saint Sepinus follow the religious doctrines (Domains) of Liberation and Redemption (sub-domain of Good).

Monastic Order of Sepinus

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