Noble Houses

While the city itself is run by the Council and has never had any form of monarchy, there are still several noble families living in Felric’s Redoubt claiming special status by ancestral right. Some are extensions of families originating in other countries, some received their titles as reward during the founding of the city by Felric Henalding himself.

While several families hold the distinction of “nobility”, only nine houses have enough wealth and influence to be considered power players in the city. Each of these has a permanent position on the Council with a minimum of one guaranteed seat on the High Council (currently four families hold these seats).

Each house comprises two levels of membership. The first members are titled individuals. In most cases, these are people who can draw a direct blood tie or familial connection by marriage to the noble family itself. The head of each house is always known by the title of Lord or Lady. The second type of house affiliation is known simply as an “extended association.” These are people with no title or familial bond to the house who nonetheless enjoy strong ties with it. For example, Nestlin Ka, the majordomo of House Dallimothan, is not a member of the family, but he is a member of the house. (Technically, they are “associates,” although in truth the term is rarely used. They are simply “members” of the house in question.) These extended association members often have a relationship with their house that goes back generations, further distinguishing them from simple servants or employees.

Abanar – The Abanar family is best known for their wealth. They have long standing relationships with multiple craft and trade guilds in the city and are majority shareholders in the Doare Guild trading house. While head of the house, Lord Dered Abanar is far too old to attend regular meetings, he still serves on the High Council with his eldest son, Doare, acting as his proxy.

Bloodstone – This dwarven house has ties back to the fallen
kingdom of Uzarâg. When the dwarves fled from the Warlord’s conquest of their home, many settled in the lands of the Elven-Dwarven Alliance. The Bloodstones didn’t settle. Instead, they followed Kûlan. And when their leader gave his life saving the city from the Warlord in 1035, the Bloodstones picked up his mission. They have remained a fixture in Felric’s Redoubt ever since – dedicating their arms to the defense of the city. Currently, Naledûn Bloodstone, uncle of the lord of the house, serves the city as Lord High Marshal.

Dallimothan – Elven family originally from Ingrast. This family maintains relations with the elven kingdom as de facto ambassadors of the city and travel back and forth on diplomatic missions regularly.

Eonricing – Tracing their lineage back to Felric’s original liberation the Eonricing family is one of the oldest in the city. Originally known for their skill in tactical warfare, they have been invaluable aides to the city in times of war. Current lord of the house, Duke Edine Eonricing serves on the High Council.

Erthuo – Scholars and gentlefolk, House Erthuo normally avoids confrontation and rarely gets involved with the various rivalries or intrigues that seem to be the lifeblood of other houses. While the house does not currently hold a seat on the High Council, they are often sought out for their expertise by the Lord Mayor and other city leaders.

Kath – If there are celebrities on the Felrican scene, they are the Kath family. These wealthy aristocrats possess striking talents, winning charm, and extreme comeliness. People in the city follow the exploits of House Kath with wonder and admiration. Kath concerns itself almost exclusively with the arts, and most members of the family are trained musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, or writers. Head of the house, Lady Devina Kath currently serves on the High Council.

Nagel – An older house, Nagel has recently fallen on hard times. The former head of the house, Kurtlan Nagel was executed for murder. Current head of the house, Kurtlan’s wife Lady Fransin Nagel swears to her late husband’s innocence and continually fights to have his name cleared. Unfortunately, the scandal stripped the family of most of their prestige. They still hold their seat on the council, but unless Lady Fransin is successful in her efforts, it is doubtful they will gain a position on the High Council any time soon.

Rau – The Rau, as they like to be called, have earned a reputation as rogues, pirates, and scalawags. Long ago, Rau ships carried the Sons of Almia (led by Felric) to liberate the elves of Ingrast from the empire. Today, their past privateering and profiteering ventures are no secret, giving rise to the phrase “a deal with the Rau,” meaning a cheat or swindle. They still own a fleet of ships that serve as merchant vessels or sometimes as mercenary craft. Ironically, they hardly ever work as brigands or con artists today. The wealth they have accumulated through honest trade has made the effort unnecessary.

Sadar – House Sadar is sometimes call the House of Shadows. Known for its long line of mages, the family has since given up these dark arts. Rumors persist to this day though that they secretly seek power through pacts with Bamon. The current head of house, Lord Renn Sadar, is often rumored to be the worst of the lot. However, his work on the High Council has helped make the city more efficient. Those that serve with him may not like him, but they cannot question his results.

Noble Houses

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