Order of Naeponis

The Order of Naeponis is a monastic Order that keeps all the records of the Church. They are a dour and humorless lot. They believe the smallest personal happiness is a sin.

Naeponis was lore master of the Church who kept all of his records in a personal shorthand. His entire life, the Church elders told him that he needed to teach someone else his method of writing, but he kept so busy with his work that he never found time. When he died, his code died with him. The Church elders went through his books, and they couldn’t find a single note in plain language, but that night one of them had a dream and returned to Naeponis’ quarters. Rechecking the books, he found that every one had been miraculously translated into normal script. Also, they found details there that included records lost to history. Naeponis’ work was a complete history of the Church, miraculously created in life and miraculously transmuted in death.

This Order headquarters in Ludremon.

Clerics belonging to the Order of Saint Naeponis follow the religious doctrines (Domains) of Knowledge and Law.

Order of Naeponis

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