Saint Nonet

Saint Nonet was a simple Halfling with a roadside inn during Alric’s campaign against Octarus. When the army camped on his doorstep, hungry and cold, Nonet offered to feed the troops free of charge.

Initially the units were small, and feeding them was easy, but as the army rallied, it became increasingly difficult to keep the troops fed. After three days, Nonet started sacrificing his food to make it stretch further (he kept just enough food to feed his children). Somehow, he made the food stretch.

Nonet died of malnutrition. Until the end, he kept cooking, and he never so much as sampled the food he prepared.

After his death, Nonet’s wife told Alric the larder had been bare every time she’d entered it, but Nonet would go in and, somehow, emerge with food. It’s said that it was his own sacrifice, refusing to take any food himself, that fueled the miracle of the bounteous larder.

Nonet teaches sacrifice and service. To serve one’s fellow man is the greatest task one can undertake. No sacrifice is too big. Ever.

Clerics who follow the teachings of Saint Nonet focus on the religious doctrines (Domains) of Community and Loyalty (sub-domain of Law).

Saint Nonet

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