The Age of War and the Kingdom of Sorcery

Even scholars argue when the Age of Darkness ends and when the Age of War begins, but at some point the races and nations of Belkanath moved from the self preservation mindset caused by the Great Ulcer to looking out into the world again. Unfortunately, this rediscovery of other nations and races led to renewed war with each other.

For over four hundred years, the wars continued until the rise of the Wizard-King Hegarion. When the Church ruled suddenly that all nonclerical magic was witchcraft, and the king ruled that all witches were to be put to death, Hegarion fought his way into the king’s chambers and killed him. After driving away two other kings, Hegarion allowed a third to take power. The Church relaxed its position on witchcraft.

Hegarion gave the new king dictates throughout his life and when the man died Hegarion took over, renaming the nation the Kingdom of Sorcery.

Under his rule, the Kingdom of Sorcery grew. Neighboring nations could expect a friendly relationship with Hegarion if they did not anger him. One misstep, however, and their kings were killed. If their families resisted, they were killed as well. Then Hegarion would absorb their lands into his own.

But despite the brutality against his enemies, life under Hegarion was good. He did not tout moral or ethical ideals, but stressed personal freedoms, and he did not mistreat those he ruled.

For the next three hundred years, Hegarion continued to rule. Over time he grew less interested in the day to day politics and spent more time with his research until one day he simply vanished, his possessions and labs along with him. As his disappearance became known, every nation declared their independence.

The Age of War and the Kingdom of Sorcery

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