The Champions of Wisdom

Perhaps the most annoying group in Felric’s Redoubt, the Champions of Wisdom believe magic should be free for study by all. They petition the Church, ambush nobles and guildmasters in the street, and generally make a pain of themselves. They stand on street corners and in squares, shouting and haranguing.

They never cast a spell or study magic, which is good for them because every new Witch-Hunter or member of the Society of Sinnius hounds these men for weeks before realizing they’re blowhards. While they constantly commit heresy, they never cross that line between free thought and action, and in Felric’s Redoubt, this makes a difference.

In another Human city, they’d probably be burned at the stake.

The problem with the Champions of Wisdom is that they have no friends at all. Those against the practice of magic consider them blasphemers. Those who are secretly for change know they damage its chances with every word. These men are so annoying, their arguments so poorly devised, they can damage any philosophy, merely by stating they favor it.

They are the political equivalent of a yapping dog. No one listens to them and everyone wishes they would just go away.

The Champions of Wisdom

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