The Confessors

In the golden age of the Kingdom of Sorcery, examiners wandered the world, probing the minds of accused and accusing alike. These Confessors meted fair punishment on all those they found guilty of crimes.

These Confessors were models of law and justice. They held to a higher standard than all they tested.

Those days are gone.

In recent years, a band of judges and law enforcement officials decided that enough was enough. Too many criminals escaped their grasp through guile or political power. They formed the Confessors, building a group to carry out their Star-Chamber agendas.

The Confessors are a group of radical zealots with unbelievable conviction. Using forbidden magicks, they rape the minds of any they suspect of crimes, punishing any offenders they find. They do not care for mitigating circumstances (though self-defense is a valid defense). The only sentence is death.

If they find a likeminded vigilante, they will bring them into the fold.

The confessors use magic, whether learned or contained in a magic item. They are not above torture, but only to get a strong-willed subject to drop his defenses. All evidence must come from the person’s own mind.

The Confessors are a brutal lot, but at their hearts, they are not evil. They are much more Machiavellian than anything else.

The magic of the old Confessors is lost. Many people believe these new Confessors are learning nothing but dreams and fantasies, executing people for their idle thoughts, not crimes.

It is unknown if the Confessors are operating inside Felric’s Redoubt.

The Confessors

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