The Corini

The Corini are a migrant Human people. They’re wanderers, explorers, and entertainers. Many believe them flagrant pagans who traffic in dark arts. They are said to be thieves, villains, harlots, and murderers. While these rumors are right about certain people in the culture, the reality is much more complex.

The Corini are strongly united and prize family over all else. They tend to tan or olive skin and dark hair and eyes. They wear drab clothes most of the time, but as most people only notice them during performances, they think the Corini dress in wild colors. This is helpful too as people only recognize them when they’re in costume.

Corini carnivals include dancing and singing, fire eating, tumbling, and fortune-telling, but these are all performance arts. While many think that some of these acts, especially the tumbling and fortune-telling, are magical arts, they are scams and tricks, not real magic.

Most Corini are of the Faithful, but they tend to make more money by playing up the pagan stereotype, so they do this when they aren’t in lands where pagans are likely to be lynched.

It’s said the Corini have a deeper purpose, that they have a quest or a destiny for which they search. If so, they’ve given up whatever home and life they once had, just to seek this out.

There are Corini in Felric’s Redoubt, just like any city. While the authorities of the city distrust them, the people are actually a bit more accepting. Felricans are used to foreigners.

The Corini

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