The Golden Age (Almian Protector State)

The rise of the Almian Protector State is a story known by nearly everyone (although most telling the story know only the most romanticized details) and this is the story they would tell.

During the final days of the Age of Chaos, a Human son and an Elven daughter fell in love. Their kingdoms had much animosity between them and their churches had branded each other heretics. It seemed that the lovers would be thwarted.

But eventually the heads of both churches reversed their position. They married and their families each granted them adjoining lands. They formed the nation of Almia and named the royal line half-elven.

Almia formed strong bonds with the churches and began to look toward other nations with a generous eye. They renamed themselves the Protector State and began sending troops and aid to those who need it.

Then a nation needed more help than the charity of Almia could provide. They begged Almia to join the Protector State and Almia agreed. Soon, more nations joined and Almia grew to include members of all the mortal races.

As Almia grew to cover the entire known world, the churches pushed the king to tackle the great remaining evils of the world. The Lord Protector succumbed to this pressure and waged war on the orcs and giants. Soon the war expanded to fight all the Fallen Races – the children of Bamon, mortals who had given themselves completely to the Infernal Taint.

For decades the wars continued and it appeared the forces of good might win the day. Until the treachery. Seeing the end nearing, the Fallen Elves launched a mighty ritual to destroy Almia, involving the sacrifice of ten thousand Fallen including the Fallen Elven Queen’s own consort.

It is rumored that even then this ritual would have failed if not for help from within Almia. It’s not known if this is true, or if so, who helped.

The Golden Age (Almian Protector State)

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