The Law in Felric's Redoubt

The Law
The law in Felric’s Redoubt is stern but fair. All acts of murder, rape, and treason are punishable by death. All acts of thievery by branding and restitution. Other acts with fines or public service.

While prisons do exist, they are mostly used as holding cells while the accused awaits trial. Felric’s Redoubt is divided into twelve districts, each with it’s own prison and watch stations. Each station serves as headquarters for the

A jury of eleven of the accused peers judge trials in Felric’s Redoubt (this means that commoners must be judged by commoners and nobles by nobles).

A judge mediates, and a defender and prosecutor handle the arguments. All officials of the court must wear ceremonial floor-length tunics.

Older laws exist that allow the accused to demand trial by combat or trial by ordeal. Only the defendant may demand these types of trials, and the judge may deny the plea if he feels, for instance, that they can’t find a champion good enough to allow God’s will a chance to manifest.

The Guard
The city guard of Felric’s Redoubt normally stands between 350-400 members. They are professional soldiers who guard the walls of the city and handle training duties. When the city conscripts troops, the guard must train them and acts as leaders and noncommissioned officers. Members of the guard serve two year terms. At the end of each term, the High Marshal determines if their contract can be extended and if so, they are invited (not required) to serve an additional two years.

The city guard’s primary duty is to defend the city, but a select division is also in charge of the watch. This division, informally called the Bluecoats, consists of 36 guardsmen. Each legal district is assigned three men – an administrator responsible for running the watch station and sharing information with the other districts, a barrister who ensures that the Watch fully understands the laws they are enforcing and a Sergeant-at-Arms (often called “the enforcer”) responsible for the physical training of the Watch.

The Watch
The city watch is in charge of patrolling the streets of Felric’s Redoubt. They travel in groups of two to ten, depending on the crime level of the area in question. They carry cudgels and cords to handle prisoners. If they have a large number of prisoners at once, they tie the prisoners’ wrists together and then cut their waistbands, making the prisoner use the other hand to hold up their pants. This makes running away much more difficult.

The watch is supplied completely by the city guilds. Each guild has a watch requirement, fulfilled either by hired mercenaries (paid for by the guild) or journeymen and older apprentices serving a week’s duty every year or so. The patrols are organized by the Bluecoats’ administrators.

The Law in Felric's Redoubt

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