The Sowers of Seeds

Perhaps the most annoying power group in Belkanâth, the Sowers do not seek to cause evil or good, they do not promote noble causes or dastardly plans. They crave only one thing: Chaos.

The Sowers wander the world, causing what Anarchy they can, trying vainly to topple governments. Occasionally, they are even successful.

The Sowers are a huge group, with chapters in every City. Unfortunately, they make no moves that put them obviously outside the law. Officially, they are annoyances who wreak havoc in social situations. When one gets caught, he is always stated to have “gone too far.”

The Sowers of Seeds have a cell in Felric’s Redoubt, but currently that cell is throughly known and watched by the City Watch. The Sowers don’t know this and they can’t understand why all their plans fail so spectacularly.

Currently, the Sowers try to undermine sections of the sewers in a grand plan to drop sections of Felric’s Redoubt into its own filth. The City Watch and the Ratcatchers’ Guild are both aware of this activity. Since it takes a lot of effort, and therefore most of the spare time of the Sowers, the city is letting them do this for now. When they finish weakening a section and move on, the city sends in Dwarves to fix the damage. Most of the time, it takes an afternoon for Dwarves to fix the “artfully” hidden damage the Sowers take a week to create.

The Sowers of Seeds

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