The Sundering

Twelve thousand years ago there was no Mortal Realm and Hell was nothing more than a province of Heaven. This was the golden age, when Mortal and Angel alike worked side by side to create a society of peace and progress. There was no hardship, no terror, and no war.

Then the angel Bamon, once beloved of God, fell from grace to the Deadly Sin of Pride. He led a third of the Host of Heaven against God. Angel fought Angel. The Mortal races threw in their lots on one side or the other, and for a millennium this war scarred the face of Heaven itself.

In the last days, it looked as if the Faithful had finally triumphed. The final battle seemed a desperate thrust from the Fallen, an attempt to take the Throne of God itself. It seemed doomed to fail.

And then a second third of the Host fell.

The forces of good crumbled. The Faithful died under savage weapons. Only the Five Prophets, one from each of the Mortal Races, saw this coming. Only they had a plan.

With a tremendous magical ritual, using the power of God himself, they Sundered Heaven. The Fallen Angels found themselves carried away to live in a wasteland of pain and horror called Hell. The Faithful Host remained in Heaven, to bask in the light of God. The Mortals ended in the world between, the Mortal Realm of Meridrin. There, the history of history itself was written.

This is the Mortal Realm. This is the battleground.

The Sundering

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