Tag: Gnomes


  • The Church of Gyllmoulin

    *Name*: The Church of Gyllmoulin or the Gnomish Church. *Leadership*: The vast majority of church leaders are non-spellcasting clergy as they lack the Divine Spark. Those with the Divine Spark blessing tend to be clerics. Inquisitors have a special …

  • Saint Fedcaun

    While it’s necessary for a saint to perform at least one miracle in life (or at the moment of death) no one actually knows what Fedcaun’s miracle was. Some assume that it must have had something to do with an item he crafted, but even the items attributed …

  • Bodelavee

    Gnome chef at the Flask and Blessing tavern. Through his painstaking efforts, the place has become best known for its menu – featuring a rich mutton stew and a half-loaf of Bodelavee’s sourdough bread.

  • Dwin Inlios

    Dwin Inlios is unlike the other priests in the Church of Gyllmoulin. Rather than spend time exclusively in the temple, he has always made an effort to care for the less fortunate. Consequently, he opened the Rising Loaf - a soup kitchen in Shantytown. …