Character Generation Summary

Step 1: Determine Ability Scores: Assuming the character is starting with the Divine Spark, they will have 20 Ability Score Points to purchase initial Ability Scores. Costs for each score are provided in the Core Rulebook page 16 or reprinted here:

Score (Point Cost)
8 (–2)
9 (–1)
10 (0)
11 (1)
12 (2)
13 (3)
14 (5)
15 (7)
16 (10)
17 (13)
18 (17)

A player may choose to start with a Common Man character (i.e. no Divine Spark) with 15 Ability Score Points instead, but there is no benefit to doing this and they will have to begin play with one of the standard NPC classes. Note Half-Orcs and Half-Elves only rarely are gifted with the Divine Spark, but it is possible with GM approval. Without this approval, characters of these races (or any other DM approved race) will start with 15 Ability Score Points.

Step 2: Determine Race: Playable races include Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling or Human. With DM approval Half-Orc and Half-Elf are also options. See the Races Wiki for detailed info on how these races are changed from the standard Core Rulebook. Once point costs are assigned and race is selected, apply the racial attribute bonus as appropriate.

Step 3: Determine Class: Playable classes are listed in detail (and with any campaign modifications) in the Classes Wiki. One modification to many classes is skill points per level. If your chosen class normally starts with 2 skill points/level, this is increased to 4 skill points/level. If your chosen class normally starts with 4 skill points/level, this is increased to 5 skill points/level. If your chosen class normally starts with more than 4 skill points/level, it will remain the same.

Step 4: Pick Skills and Feats: It is important to remember that this will be an Epic 6 campaign which means characters will not progress in class levels beyond level 6. However, they will continue to improve in that every 5,000 experience points earned, the character will gain a new feat. This will mean that many feat combinations or non-combat feats which might not be practical in most games will become important in this campaign. It is worth considering during character generation what path you’d like to follow to get these feats. Also keep in mind that because your characters will not advance beyond 6th level, this will mean some feats are unattainable due to prerequisites. Exceptions to these prerequisites can be gained using Capstone Feats, but you must meet the requirements for those Capstones to qualify.

Step 5: Create background – In particular, you need to create Favors to develop your ties to the campaign city/region/world.

Character Generation Summary

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