Church of Angenus

Name: The Church of Angenus or simply the Church.

Leadership: The vast majority of church leaders are non-spellcasting clergy as they lack the Divine Spark. Those with the Divine Spark blessing tend to be clerics. Inquisitors have a special place in the church, but more often take leadership positions in the various orders rather than leading an individual congregation. Although unlikely to accept (or even be offered) leadership positions, oracles are either respected or feared (depending on their mysteries). Members of the Church are called The Faithful or occasionally Angians.

Overview: The Church is the most powerful single organization in the world. With a stranglehold in most Human nations of Belkan√Ęth, the Church is powerful.

The Church performs services every Godsday, with extra services on midnight of every night. These are conducted in a Church or Cathedral, in front of an altar raised above a congregation which stands or sits (depending on the portion of the sermon) on the stone floor. During the services, which are conducted in the Divine Tongue, the priest begins with a reading from scripture and ancient invocations. Then they give a sermon in the vernacular. Finally, they perform the Sacrament of Service, where each member of the congregation takes a Holy wafer to nourish the soul and is sprinkled in Holy water, symbolizing their weekly rebirth.

The Church teaches honesty, honor, respect, and chastity outside marriage. They do not condone those outside the clergy interpreting scripture. They preach that anyone who can lead a rather sinless life can return to Heaven and live for the rest of eternity with God.

It would be too much of a generalization to say the Church is corrupt, but there is certainly corruption in its ranks. The last Faerarch to try cleansing the Church reversed his position suddenly thirty-one days after he began. Conspiracy theorists take great stock in that fact.

Church of Angenus

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