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The Echoes of Heaven is a campaign of darkness and danger, where a monolithic church has split into dozens of quarreling factions and holy war looms like a shadow. Here, strength and brutality win the day and only those with the most faith, honor, and courage can stand against the terrible tyranny of those who would enslave everyone of a different belief, a different philosophy, a different race.

Worse, it is a world infected by the very fabric of Hell itself.

It’s a world that once knew wonderful, perfect grace, where Mortals and Angels labored side by side and all spent their days basking in the light of God. There was no Mortal Realm. Hell was nothing more than a province of Heaven. All lived in Paradise and they knew what it was like to wander in Grace.

Then came the War.

The Fall of the first third of the Host of Angels nearly destroyed Heaven. The Fall of the second third came as a death knell. Only the foresight and planning of the Five Prophets saved everyone from languishing under the rule of the Fallen . . . but it came at a terrible, terrible price.

Enter Meridrin, the Mortal Realm, a world Sundered from Paradise, a world both familiar and strangely different. A world where you can make a difference.

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