House Rules

I will be running two simultaneous campaigns in Felric’s Redoubt: Night of Dissolution will be run Sunday evenings in my home. The characters of this campaign begin play on the last night of their two year term serving the City Guard. Over the course of the next few months, they will be drawn into a plot by a local villain trying to open up an Ulcer in the belly of Felric’s Redoubt.

The second campaign, Heart of Darkness, will be run as an online forum. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. After the group of criminal characters learns that someone in the city is looking to open the mythical Box of Shadows, they must determine if they have what it takes to be heroes and save the city.

Character Generation

20 point using the standard rules presented in the Core Rulebook. This information can also be found at the Character Generation wiki link.

Player Character Race limitations can be found at the Races wiki link. Humans gain an additional racial advantage of being able to select a bonus trait during character creation.

Player Character Class limitations/special notes can be found at the Classes wiki link.

Skill Point Modification: If your chosen class normally starts with 2 skill points/level, this is increased to 4 skill points/level. If your chosen class normally starts with 4 skill points/level, this is increased to 5 skill points/level. If your chosen class normally starts with more than 4 skill points/level, it will remain the same.

All Night of Dissolution starting characters will begin with the Eyes and Ears of the City trait (bonus – you may still select 2 based on background). This trait gives the following: Your training involved serving in the city watch of Felric’s Redoubt, the primary duty of which was standing sentinel on a city wall. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks, and Perception is always a class skill for you.

All Heart of Darkness starting characters will begin with the Convincing Liar trait (bonus – you may still select 2 based on background). This trait gives the following: You’ve spent your life perfecting the art of half-truths in order to accomplish what you need to. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff or Intimidate checks and one of these skills (your choice) is a class skill for you.

Replacement characters

Due to the low magic nature of the E6 system, if a character dies during combat, there are very few options to bring them back from the dead. Most of the time, a new character will need to be created. In this case, the new/replacement character should be generated using the standard character creation rules. This new character will enter the game at 5,000 fewer experience points (XP) than the current lowest character and so should be leveled up accordingly prior to the first play session.


To help simulate the experience earned prior to actual game time, each new character should include up to three (minimum one) non-player characters who owe their character a favor. These favors tend to be fairly minor and might include small monetary loans (under 20 gp); expertise in an area (one free skill check at the NPC’s skill level) or a minor boon (“hide me until the heat is off”), etc. As a player, you need to (at bare minimum) provide the NPC’s name, profession and relationship to the PC. While not required, you might also want to determine what your PC did for the NPC to earn the favor.

Once complete, you should come up with an equal number of NPCs to whom you owe favors (if two people owe you favors, you owe favors to two other people). As with favors earned, you should provide information about these NPCs including name, profession and relationship to your PC. If you refuse to pay back favors you owe, your PC will sustain a negative reputation and those owing you favors might not feel obligated to pay you back when you need help.

Shield Bash

Prerequisite: Shield Proficiency
Benefit: When you perform a shield bash, you may still apply the shield’s shield bonus to your AC. Additionally, you gain the effects of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat as long as you are wielding a light or heavy shield as the off-hand weapon. This ability counts as having Two-Weapon Fighting feat for the purposes of meeting feat requirements


While they can be somewhat unreliable, firearms have the potential of dealing extreme damage. When rolling damage on a successful hit, if the result of the damage die roll is an unmodified max. damage, you may roll the damage die again and add it to the results. You can continue to do this as long as you roll natural max damage, up to a number of times equal to the weapon’s critical. If a critical hit is confirmed, it automatically does this full damage and no additional dice are added.

Additionally, as firearms are more common in Belkanath than in the Pathfinder world, costs for all firearms (normal only) are just 25% the listed price (i.e. pistol is just 250 gp rather than 1,000). Likewise, firearm ammunition is also 25% of the listed price.

Note only Early Firearms are available.

House Rules

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