Allowable Races (with modifications) for the Echoes of Heaven campaign are:

Mountain Dwarves are stout and pow-erful creatures, with thick arms and legs. They run the gamut of coloration but only have pale to ruddy skin, as they don’t see enough sun to warrant darker colorations. They have long beards, and the bright-ness of their eyes is more challenging than engaging. They average 4’ tall for males, 3’10” for females. Mountain Dwarves live an average 300 years.

Fair Elves are the most noble looking Elves, with silver or golden hair and amber or violet eyes. They are frailer than Wood Elves and a bit taller, averaging 6’5” for males and 6’1” for females. They live more than 500 years.

Grey Elves are born with a Divine Spark. Grey Elves are fair, attractive beings with dark hair and deep green eyes. They are slight of build and males average 6’7” tall and females average 6’3”. They are born of either Fair Elves or Wood Elves. The trait is not hereditary, so Grey Elves can be born of any couple, although they are a bit more common if both parents were Grey Elves. Grey Elves live around 750 years.

Wood Elves are the most rugged of all the Elven races. They have blonde and coppery red hair. Their eyes tend to be crystal blue. Males average 6’0” and females average 5’9”. Wood Elves can live more than 500 years.

Fey Gnomes are born with the Divine Spark. However, since the Divine Spark is not hereditary Fey Gnomes can be born to Surface Gnomes, although they are a bit more common if both parents were Fey Gnomes. They tend to blond or silvery hair with blue or violet eyes. Males average 4’, females, 3’9”. They live 150 years.

Surface Gnomes tend to dark hair and eyes and ruddy colorations. Males average 3’8”, females, 3’6”. They live 100 years. While gnomes do have entire communities of their own, they tend to move in smaller families or clans and settle near Dwarven or Elven communities. Less frequently, they will settle in traditional human cities (although usually not smaller human settlements).

A Hairfoot Halfling’s skin is ruddy, his hair is black. He has brown or black eyes. The men often have sideburns, but rarely beards. Male Hairfeet average 3 feet tall, females 2’10”. They live 90-110 years

Tallfellow Halflings are taller and slimmer than Hairfeet. They have fair skin and hair, and are some-thing of a rarity among halflings. Males average 4’ tall, females 3’9”. . They live 90-110 years.

Stout Halflings are shorter and stockier than the Hairfeet, despite being possessors of the Divine Spark (scholars are at a loss to explain this). They have the fair complexion of a Tallfellow, but stand only 2½’ tall for both males and females. Their primary distinguishing physical attribute is a headful of red hair. The Divine Spark increases the average lifespan of a Stout Halfling to around 150 years.

Common Men average about 5’10” for men and 5’4” for women. They tend to medium builds when compared with other races. They have a wide variety of coloration. Common Men live 50-60 years.

High Men are larger and bulkier than Common Men, with the men averaging 6’5” and women 5’10”. High Men have much longer life spans as well, some living as long as 100 years.

Optional Races (allowed by DM approval only) for the Echoes of Heaven campaign are:




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