The Church of Eldinar

Name: The Church of Eldinar or the Church of the Elves.

Leadership: The vast majority of church leaders are non-spellcasting clergy as they lack the Divine Spark. Those with the Divine Spark blessing tend to be clerics. Inquisitors have a special place in the church, but more often take leadership positions in the various orders rather than leading an individual congregation. Although unlikely to accept (or even be offered) leadership positions, oracles are either respected or feared (depending on their mysteries). In general, oracles tend to be better respected by the non-human churches. Members of the Church of Eldinar are called Eldinarins

Overview: The Church of Eldinar dominates Elven culture. The dominant church in every Elven nation, they define the culture and beliefs of an entire people. They are the Savior-based church that has the best relationship with the Atavists.

The church performs services every Godsday with added services at every dawn. These are conducted in a church or cathedral with an open roof, so the sky is visible always. It rarely rains on these meetings. During the ceremony, the priest stands in the middle of a congregation that stands around him, facing outward toward the edges of the world. The service begins with a reading of scripture in the Divine Tongue and then a sermon in Elvish. The service ends with a taking of Holy Wafers and an open-air rite called the Baptism of Winds on the front steps.

The Church of Eldinar teaches honesty and goodness, love of nature and one another, and fidelity. Chastity before marriage is recommended but not as large an issue as in some churches. They endorse seeking inspiration in the wilderness. They preach that anyone who can become one with nature can make it into Heaven after death. They frown on magic use outside the clergy, but they don’t forbid it.

The Church of the Eldinar is as corrupt as any Church, but few Elves worry about this fact. They are more than willing to take their worship into the wilderness should a particular priest get out of hand.

The Church of Eldinar

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