The Church of Gyllmoulin

Name: The Church of Gyllmoulin or the Gnomish Church.

Leadership: The vast majority of church leaders are non-spellcasting clergy as they lack the Divine Spark. Those with the Divine Spark blessing tend to be clerics. Inquisitors have a special place in the church, but more often take leadership positions in the various orders rather than leading an individual congregation. Although unlikely to accept (or even be offered) leadership positions, oracles are either respected or feared (depending on their mysteries). In general, oracles tend to be better respected by the non-human churches. Members of the Church of Gyllmoulin are called Gyllites.

Overview: The Church of Gyllmoulin merges seamlessly with the Gnomish lifestyle. While many Gnomes follow the Atavistic path, only the Church of Gyllmoulin was shaped hand in hand with Gnomish culture to blend with Gnomish lifestyle and Gnomish magic.

The Church of Gyllmoulin holds a service on every Godsday. They hold another service every dawn, to herald the coming of the morning light. They prefer to conduct services in a secluded bowl among the hills of their settlement so they can see the sky. They begin with rites in the Divine Tongue and then the sacrament of the Holy Wafer. They end with a service in the vernacular, if possible with illusions (though only the largest settlements have likely access to illusionists).

The Church of Gyllmoulin teaches honesty and kindness. They aren’t stern on chastity before marriage and even the clergy often lie.

Corruption in The Church of Gyllmoulin tends toward deceit and treachery among the clergy and doesn’t touch those in the congregation often.

The Church of Gyllmoulin

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