The Church of Ziruk-Nurak

Name: The Church of Ziruk-Nurak or the Church of the Dwarves.

Leadership: Unlike most of the mortal churches, the vast majority of leaders in the Church of Ziruk-Nurak are clerics as almost all Dwarves have the Divine Spark.. Inquisitors have a special place in the church, but more often take leadership positions in the various orders rather than leading an individual congregation. Although unlikely to accept (or even be offered) leadership positions, oracles are either respected or feared (depending on their mysteries). In general, oracles tend to be better respected by the non-human churches. Members of the Church of Ziruk-Nurak are called Zirukans.

Overview: The Church of Ziruk-Nurak is the cornerstone of Dwarven culture and Dwarven life. This church dominates Dwarven culture. Few Dwarves still follow the Atavistic path.

The Church holds services every Godsday and whenever the nation opens a new mine, starts a new delving, or begins a new war. The ceremonies take place in the chapel, which doubles as the war room when this is needed. Here a Dwarven Priest stands in front of the congregation at an anvil altar, carrying a golden hammer. During the service the priest quotes scripture in the Divine Tongue while ringing the altar with the hammer. Then they perform the Wafer Sacrament. Each member of the congregation takes a Holy wafer while the priest raps them ceremonially on the head with the hammer. Finally, the priest gives his sermon.

The Church of Ziruk-Nurak teaches honor, honesty, and valor. They preach chastity before marriage (except for test marriages, see The Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves) and the love of craft and the Divinity of the act of shaping. They teach that any Dwarf who is true to his heritage can make it into Heaven. The Church of Ziruk-Nurak allows usury.

The Church of Ziruk-Nurak is less corrupt than most churches. They take dishonor seriously, and they root out any violations of honor with great zeal.

The Church of Ziruk-Nurak

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